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My Facebook giveaway for two tickets to CONNetic Dance‘s Suite & Spicy Nutcracker, appearing this weekend at the Wadsworth, will end tonight at 11:59PM EST. I highly encourage any CT readers to enter – I will be attending the matinee this Sunday myself!

Firstly, I want to acknowledge the fact that it is not only my own little alliteration-celebration (#AmazingMe Monday), but it is also Marvelous In My Monday (MIMM) hosted by the lovely Katie. Whatever I want to call this post, it’s gonna have a lot of positive in it, but big props to Katie to bringing awareness to the marvelous every Monday!

To say I adore her would be an understatement.

This post is starting out in a very different way than I thought it would when I first dreamed it up on Friday while at work. I left work that day and ended up getting into a car accident on my way to the gym. I rear ended a car in front of me, causing her to rear end the car in front of her. The two other cars sustained little damage, but the front of my car crumpled in like an accordion (what it’s meant to do – take all the impact) and had to be towed.

The only injury I sustained, thank goodness, was a bumped up knee and a slightly-sore neck. The other two people were fine and I could honestly not have been more blessed when it came to who I hit and the police officer that responded to the crash. These people hugged me as I sobbed and apologized over and over. The woman happened to be a nurse and bandaged my knee. The police officer chatted with me in his car and tried to cheer me up while we awaited the tow truck and my mom.

I keep thinking about how this accident was my fault, about how expensive it’s going to be to fix or replace (my car is potentially going to be declared totaled) the car that I love so much, how I was an inconvenience to those I hit and my parents, how pricey it will be to get a rental car once my sister gets home from school Wednesday and I can’t use her car anymore, how much my insurance is going to go up, how much WORSE this could have been…the list goes on.

But I’ve also learned some valuable lessons and received the boundless love of my family and friends. My parents already know I’ve been beating myself up enough and are trying to be as supportive as possible, and aren’t making me feel shittier for getting into the accident. My friends have expressed how grateful they are that I’m okay and how they have learned from my accident to be more careful on the road. All I can really do at this point is move on and face the consequences, monetary and emotional. It sounds cheesy and typical to say but – it could have been so much worse.

And now I’m going to continue the post I had planned for today, because I could use a little cheering up.

I want to take the time to give myself props and share with you all some very exciting things that have happened recently in relation to this blog. These are happenings I can add to my #AmazingMe list, mentally or literally – it doesn’t matter, so long as I remember them and use them whenever I am feeling down on myself to remind my sometimes-silly mind of why I am too blessed to be stressed…now more than ever!

Best of Hartford 2013

I was doing my usual Instagram thang a couple of Thursdays ago and received a comment from a fellow CT resident congratulating me on my Best of Hartford nomination. My what?! I immediately logged onto Hartford Magazine‘s Best of 2013 readers’ poll and checked the Local People category. Sure enough, I was listed under “Best Twitterer”!


I could hardly believe it! Nor could I believe the abundant congrats I received from everyone. 61 Instagram likes on a photo is probably the most I’ve gotten…ever. A like is a little thing but it’s a little thing that makes me feel supported!

I asked for folks to vote for me and to write my name in for Best Blogger if they felt I deserved it, and I guess they did because now I am also nominated in that category!

You can only vote once per person and voting doesn’t close for awhile (3/4/13), but if you feel I am deserving of either or both of these awards, please log on and vote for me! If you are not from the CT area but have visited before, you still may want to try voting because you only have to vote in 10 categories to be able to submit a ballot. And believe me, there’s a lot of categories.

Fitness Magazine Web Feature

I was contacted by the wonderful Karla of FITNESS Magazine recently to find out if I’d be interested in answering some interview questions that would be featured on their website. WOULD I?! I’ve seen other bloggers I admire featured in the Fit Bloggers We Love on The Fit Stop and couldn’t believe that it was my turn!


Thanks Wendy!

Karla even did a great little write-up on me before my interview questions, so please take a moment to check out my feature if you haven’t yet. I can’t believe I’m on the website of one of my favorite magazines!

Have you ever been in a car accident?

What’s your latest #AmazingMe accomplishment? Tweet it to me and make sure you use the celebratory hashtag!

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