Three Things Thursday: Seuss Style

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I can’t believe I’ve never done a post called Three Things Thursday! I see them all the time and the title is alliteration-ific. Don’t worry, I’m correcting this NOW.

I’m feeling a bit random and have little tidbits I want to share, just stuff that’s caught my eye, so a post like this seems the perfect opportunity to do so. All I can think of is Thing 1 and Thing 2, and hey, who says there can’t be a Thing 3? Gonna get my Seuss-style on.

Thing 1: “Beauty and a Beat” Music Video

I know right – a music video? What is this, TRL? But seriously, while in Florida over the holidays I was on the StepMill (obviously) watching Gold’s Gym’s music video channel and happened to stumble upon (well not literally, that’d hurt since I was on a StepMill) this gem for the amazing Bieber/Nicki Minaj song “Beauty and a Beat”.

Call me old-fashioned but I’m diggin’ the ridiculous water park premise AND the water dancing. Bieber can do no wrong and I love that crazy Nicki. Cannot wait til Bieber hosts SNL on February 9th! Yes I said that.

Thing 2: Russian Cafe Charges for Time, Not Coffee

I listen to NPR on my iPhone while I get ready for work each morning, and this story “Rubles For Minutes, Not Mochas, At Russian Coffee Chain” totally jumped at me because a) it’s a super unique business model and b) it’d totally screw me over if my favorite cafe, Daybreak Coffee Roasters, ever switched to that business model.

Daybreak kit: Laptop, snack, coffee.

I’m one of “those” who orders the largest size coffee and just posts up with it for hours on end while I do homework and blog. Daybreak even has a microwave, so I can keep reheating the coffee when it gets cold and do work without the pressure of having to finish my beverage before it cools off too much. The Russian Clockface Cafe (Tsiferblat in Russian) in the NPR story charges customers for a certain amount of time spent at their tables, and the business owner has to hope that in the long run, those who drink a ton of coffee and eat a ton of baked goods during their allotted time will be balanced out by the people like me who just come in for coffee. The products the owner Ivan Meetin stocks aren’t crappy either! It’s definitely a risky business model but the reason it’d totally screw me is because I’d end up spending way more money than I would if they were just charging me for my one large cup of coffee. I just have to hope Daybreak doesn’t get wind of this…

Thing 3: Eric Asimov’s “How to Love Wine: A Memoir and Manifesto”

Back in May my local blend Bethany and I visited Wesleyan University for their first ever Foodstock conference. We saw WNPR’s Faith Middleton interview New York Times wine critic Eric Asimov, and even got the chance to meet him afterward. Good thing too, because I was able to inform him that I was on my phone during the interview NOT to be rude, but to live-tweet it!

During the interview Eric discussed his upcoming memoir, and what do you know, last night while perusing my library’s New Autobiography shelf I found what has become my next read – How To Love Wine by Eric Asimov! The book has a great premise – that you don’t have to be a snooty old wine expert to enjoy and appreciate wine. You can just like the way it tastes, the way it goes with your favorite pizza, the way it makes you feel. Love it! I’m only 30 pages in or so but really like it so far and the fact that I’ve met Eric makes me all the more excited to read the book. I guess this means if Kate Gosselin comes out with a book I have to read it, huh? Or maybe she already has.

Wino-ism runs in this fam. I’m going to have to go by Eric’s teachings and NOT judge my sister for the ice in her glass of red wine…ugh.

Well this was fun! I don’t usually do random little posts like this but I’d like to start writing more of them because it’s fun to just chat about whatever randomness is floating around in my head, even if it includes Bieber.

What’s your favorite Bieber song? You know you have one.

Which cafe business model would benefit you more – traditional pay-for-your-products or the new pay-for-your-time?

Do you ever feel like you don’t “know enough” about something to say that you love it?

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