A (Green) Giant Surprise!

The brand Green Giant probably brings to mind frozen and canned veggies – at least, that’s what it does for me. That jolly green guy definitely had a presence in my household’s freezer and pantry while I was growing up.

But I never associated Green Giant with snacks…until now. The brand now offers two types of veggie chips:

Sign me up!!! I am a veggie chip fanatic. Give me savory over sweet ANY day, but sometimes serving sizes are just so damn small (pita chips, I’m looking at you). While the tortilla chips possess a serving size (10 chips) that is a bit on the teeny side, the chips are fairly large. The sweet potato chips have better stats – 16 chips in a serving. Those guys have 40% less fat than potato chips (and sweet potato chips taste way better than those guys, in my humble opinion!) and are made with real sweet potato – they aren’t just sweet potato flavored.

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Of course taste is my top concern, and my co-worker has been all about the sweet potato chips lately! Some delicious pairing options: the tortilla chips in black bean mango salsa, or the sweet potato chips dipped in plain Chobani (perfect substitute for creamy/heavy dips).

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So as it turns out, Green Giant knows how to make chips along with frozen and canned veggies. Who knew?! They’ve started a campaign about this secret talent of theirs, and the secret talents of their products’ users. You can go to their Facebook page and show them your surprise talent by clicking here.

I was asked by Clever Girls Collective, the network I’m a part of that brought me this opportunity, to share a special secret talent of mine with you guys. I’ve already addressed this on the blog, but I am a black belt…don’t be too impressed, I quit karate the day after I got the black belt (at that point I was just sticking it out to get that achievement; I was a busy high school junior and was over the sport).

But here’s another one…I can also say the 50 states in alphabetical order. I used to think that made me really awesome, until I found out that lots of other people learned the same 50 states song in elementary school. Apparently that became something our government wanted to make sure every public school student could do? Am I alone in this? I hope you say I am, because then I can go back to feeling really cool that I know how to alphabetize the 50 states.

Just because this is a sick cake. Source.

As far as I’m concerned, any secret talents that end up bringing more veggie chips (or more cakes, or food of any kind…) into the world are OK in my book! You know what else is OK with me? Coupons. They don’t call me Coupon Caitlin for nothin’. So I’m giving you somethin’ – a coupon for 85 cents off a bag of Green Giant veggie chips! You’re welcome.

Are you a veggie chip fan? What’s your secret talent?

Thank you to The Green Giant™ for being a sponsor. Show the Giant your surprise talent at www.facebook.com/greengiant.

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