On a Snacky Quest!

One of my favorite parts of being a Fitfluential Ambassador is – not gonna lie – getting the chance to participate in product review campaigns! I enjoy receiving fitness gear or healthy eats in the mail as much as the next girl, so I jumped all over this Quest Nutrition campaign and embarked on a Quest to try the super-generous variety and amount of protein-packed tastes they sent my way.

To be honest – Quest’s branding at first was a bit of a turn-off to me. I am not a user of protein powders or supplements and a visit to their website gave me a GNC/Vitamin Shoppe vibe. But I’d already heard a ton of positive reactions to Quest bars from some of my favorite bloggers, so I certainly wanted to try them for myself.


I could hardly believe how many bars I was sent – at least one of every flavor, plus duplicates of the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars and of Quest’s newest product, the Quest Cravings Protein PB Cups! Those bad boys were the first product I chose to try, obviously. I had a MAJOR dessert hankering on a Friday night and crumbled up both (sorry not sorry) PB cups in the package, then heated them in the microwave and added my favorite sugarfree chocolate Jello pudding. Tip – do not heat up any Quest products and let them sit before eating them. The heat makes them nice and mushy and they tend to “re-solidify” as they cool, making it hard to keep the crumbles from forming into one cohesive ball. Snack logistics much?

Surrounded by a heavenly glow, as it should be.

The PB cups rocked my world and I gifted some of my extras to a coworker, my blend Kaitlin, and good friends Olivia and Rachel…whose boyfriend┬ábenefited.


I also gave them each one of my extra Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars, which I still have yet to try myself (no way I could have tried all the flavors before posting this review). Kaitlin liked hers, but did say it had a bit of a protein-bar-taste to it. Not sure how else to describe it but if you’ve ever had a meh protein bar, you know what she means. She did say she thought it would’ve been way better heated up with some PB on it, which many fellow campaign participants did with all the flavors and loved.

Tried the Chocolate PB flavor as an evening snack, once again heated/mashed up. I added the chocolate pudding after I took this picture because who doesn’t want #allthechocolate?

None of these bars LOOKED very appetizing when heated/mashed in a bowl but taste is the most important and I give all the flavors I’ve tried so far two big thumbs up in that department. None of them have had that protein-bar-flavor Kaitlin mentioned (we’ll see what I think of the Cookie Dough bar!) and I can really tell without looking at the bars’ labels and just by their taste that the ingredient list is short and pretty impressive.

I had major decision anxiety each time I had to pick out which flavor to try next, so I thank Hayley for her suggestion to me on Instagram to try this Cinnamon Roll flavor next!

Each product has an incredible amount of protein and not too many carbs. Many varieties have tons of fiber too! I can’t wait to keep tearing through the rest of my stash and share on Instagram/Twitter what I think! Quest Nutrition products can be purchased online or, if you’re anti-shipping like me, in certain stores. You can follow Quest on social media networks too…Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being some of them. If you end up trying any products, make sure to let me know and use the hashtag #onaquest!

I received Quest products free of charge and was asked to write this post as part of my participation in a Fitfluential campaign. However, this post is not compensated and all opinions are genuine and my own.

Have you ever tried Quest bars? Which flavor is your favorite?

What do you look for in a snack bar?

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