A Lazy Lady’s Beauty Essentials

When it comes to a beauty routine, I am seriously lazy and impatient. Just ask Kaitlin – I’m often telling her tales of attempting to have the patience to stand in one spot for what seems like forever and blow dry my hair, only to give up after about five minutes. I’ve got places to go, people to see. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


I look at much of what my younger sister and friends do with their makeup, hair, face care, what have you, and I can’t imagine spending that much time on any of it. I grew up looking for anything I could cut out of my morning routine to give me a few extra precious minutes of sleep, and this has made me a beauty routine minimalist.


But I got to thinking this morning as I ran out of my go-to hairspray and made a note to stop before work at CVS to re-stock…I still have SOME products I use constantly. And the can’t-live-without beauty products of a beauty minimalist must be pretty dire, right? So I wanted to put a post together sharing the products I use daily. I have a feeling that some may also be your must-haves, while my list also may be missing something you wouldn’t walk out the door without using. That’s what makes this fun! So let’s get started.

Tresemme Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist Hair Spray: I went through a phase in high school when I wrote down (because I didn’t have a cell phone…weird) recommended products from my favorite magazines and went to CVS to purchase them so I could try them for myself. This ended quickly because I ran out of money, but the venture WAS productive because it led me to take a magazine’s recommendation and purchase this hair spray, which I have not stopped using since.

Scrunch action.

It smells amazing, doesn’t turn my hair into a helmet, is affordable (I paid $4.99 this morning), and most importantly it WORKS. Every time my hair is scrunched, this hair spray is used and what keeps it in place.

Cover Girl Smoothers AquaSmooth Compact Foundation: The story of how I started to use this is funny/ridiculous. My freshman year of college, on a fateful weekend night of dorm drinking, I fell off my friend’s bed and busted my face (to be blunt). On impact I also got a lovely rug burn above my upper lip which didn’t go away for about a month! We called it the infamous red dot.

I tried to make sure most photos of it were destroyed but can you kinda see it here?

I tried to make sure most photos of it were destroyed but can you kinda see it here?

My best friend Lidia took me to CVS to find a cover-up to hide the dot and helped me pick out this Cover Girl foundation in Buff Beige. I still use it every single day and cannot deal if I don’t have it. For some reason my chin and upper lip tend to be more red than the rest of my face, so I use the foundation to hide that.

Makeup Removing Wipes: I tend to use whichever of these is on sale, but a brand I did enjoy when I had it was Simple Skin Care. I received some samples thanks to a Klout Perk and they smelled nice and were effective. Really though, I’ve never found a brand that’s hooked me enough to swear off other brands’ makeup wipe offerings. The bottom line is that I need to take off my makeup before bed. In fact, I take it off as soon as I’m home and know I won’t be leaving the house. Otherwise I feel gross.

Moisturizing Face Lotion: Again, whatever brand is on sale or around the house, but I also enjoyed the face lotion sent to me by Simple. And it has to be lotion specifically for facial use – I will NOT use body lotion on my face. Recipe for breakout disaster! I use lotion on my face right after I shower and each morning when I wake up.

Victoria’s Secret EyelinersI don’t use eyeliner every day but whenever I go to work or go out to eat I put it on…so most days. The VS Makeup eyeliners go on so smoothly and I love the colors! I’m almost out of the brown and need to restock ASAP but have been holding out for one of those $10 coupons they send that can’t be used on sale items (pretty sure the eyeliner is the only full-priced VS item I will buy). I also have black, sparkly black, forest green, and purple.

Avon Advance Techniques Detangling CombI used to have the most AWFUL time combing my hair after I showered (this was in middle school before I discovered conditioner) and one day came home to find my mom, a devotee to her Avon Lady at the time, had purchased me this fancy detangling comb. I have not stopped using it since! It really does work so well – something about the way the teeth are positioned.

There you have it, a lazy, always-rushed girl’s beauty product must-haves. Now I’m curious…

Do any of these match with your beauty essentials?

Are any of your essentials missing from the list?

Are you low or high maintenance when it comes to a beauty routine?

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