Three Things Thursday: Travel Day!

Thanks so much for your comments on yesterday’s special WIAW post about my college food journey! I’ve come a long way and seen both ends of the spectrum, and it’s nice to have your encouragement and support as I continue to work on settling somewhere at a balanced middle.

The weekend will soon be upon us! But for me it begins at 1PM today, which is when I will leave work to get ready to head to the airport and catch a plane to Tennessee. I’m super-excited to reunite with my sister, my Nana Connie, and our close family friends. I’m also thankful that the University of Tennessee vs. Georgia football game we are attending on Saturday starts at 3:30PM. Last year the game started at 8PM and alas, tailgating got the best of me mentally and I did not end up attending the game. This time I am determined to enjoy myself and keep guilty thoughts at bay. I’m hoping for a nice tailgate that doesn’t start too soon before the game (and how could it with the game starting at 3:30PM), a fun game in which the Vols hopefully win, and some chill post-game relaxation at the hotel.

Can't wait to reunite with Nana Connie & my sister!

Can’t wait to reunite with Nana Connie & my sister!

I woke up yesterday with a cold, but am trying not to focus on it. I’m trying to use mind over matter and stay positive and enjoy my trip. Let’s get this Three Things Thursday goin’, as I enjoyed my recent Friday Five and am feeling random today.

1. The blog’s social media is seeing some excitement lately.

My Facebook page recently hit 700 likes and my Instagram (I just realized this one) surpassed 2,000 likes! I never thought I’d see the day that happened, especially the Instagram stat. Thank you to all those who support me by following my blog’s social media channels! I also have felt inspired lately to re-vamp my Pinterest in an effort to get more into using it not just as a place to collect junk, but a place to collect images, recipes, ideas, etc that will actually be useful to me. So I deleted most of my boards, made a board just for Baby Cabbages (duh), and did some reorganizing. Here’s hoping I stick with it this time!

2. I am LOVING this not-so-fall weather.

I never thought I’d spend the last weekend of September outside perfectly comfortable in summery outfits! I wore a dress with only a light jacket out both Friday and Saturday night. I spent Saturday sitting outside at Daybreak and Sunday sitting outside on my back porch. The sun totally invigorates me and definitely perks me up mid-workday when I go outside to read and eat my salad during my lunch break.

Monday’s warm weather work outfit: Forever 21 necklace & ring, black Old Navy tee, polka dot Francesca’s Collections skirt, flea market watch, and new MixxShuz wedges from Zulily!

3. TV, books, and movies have been impressing me.

Despite the non-fall weather my dad and I have started back up our fall/winter tradition of a Sunday afternoon movie. He requested something light this past Sunday so I picked out Don Jon…and loved it! He really enjoyed it as well (I guess we are really friends as well as father/daughter since we could watch a movie together on that subject matter). I have a short attention span and tend to play with my phone during movies but a) this movie was 90 minutes and b) it was very good and kept my attention. I definitely recommend it! Joseph Gordon Levitt is very talented and it’s cool that he wrote, directed, and starred in this movie. It had a deeper message than “don’t be a porn addict”…and one of the hottest sex scenes I’ve EVER seen (for a different reason than you’d think).

One of my October From Left to Write reads, The Dinner by Herman Koch, also really impressed me. While I don’t necessarily agree with the Gone Girl comparisons (plus this book had a way more satisfying ending) the book still thrilled me and had me glued to it (so much so that I finished in three days). I loved the way the narrator pointed out little quirks of fancy restaurants that really, even I will admit it, are super ridiculous. For example, he wonders why the waiter or manager who brings a plate over feels the need to point at each item on the plate and recap what he ordered. As he put it, he knew what he ordered…he ordered it. It made me laugh.

And on the TV front, The Mindy Project is back and as LOL-worthy as ever. I stayed up Sunday night to watch the Homeland premier (yes I call a 9-10PM show viewing staying up) and was not disappointed. Man am I glad I caught up in time for season three! And no, I didn’t/don’t watch Breaking Bad but don’t tell me what happened because I hope one day to watch the whole series! So far I have stayed unspoiled. Finally, the season premier of SNL also came on strong. While I freaking MISS Bill Hader, Tina Fey did a good job hosting and I can’t get enough of this episode-ending skit

Are you an active Pinterest user?

Does it feel like fall where you live?

Recommend to me a movie, book, and/or TV show that you are enjoying lately!

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