On A Boat At Christmas

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I’m going to pick up from where I left off on my FL vacation recapping…Christmas Eve Eve aka my mom’s birthday aka December 23rd. My family headed south to Miami to see a Heat game (my grandma and mom are OBSESSED with the Heat…OK, and Lebron) but I had the most amazing evening with Kat, her husband Mike, and her sister Helen.

Come on, the title of this post was too easy. No I was not on THAT boat, but the photo above was taken from a boat I WAS on. One of Mike’s friends rented a boat for the evening so that we could cruise around, check out the Christmas lights on the boats and houses on the Intercoastal Waterway, and have a Cookie & Cocktail party. Oh. Yes. And I was invited!


And I wore a Santa hat, because I’m a cheeseball!

Before boarding the boat I killed two birds with one stone – had a healthy dinner so cookies wouldn’t be the only food I was consuming for the evening, and got my Chick-fil-A fix that I’ve always got to get when I can (come to CT pleaaaaase).

Chargrilled chicken sandwich on a wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, extra pickles, and extra honey-roasted BBQ sauce. Oh, and more vegetables.

I also got my Penelope fix before we left her with Mike’s parents.

She’s too cool for me.

Then we boarded the boat, and awesomeness ensued. I seriously would call this one of the funnest nights I’ve had in a LONG time. I didn’t count drinks. I didn’t count cookies. I hadn’t restricted and skipped dinner just to “save up” calories for those drinks and cookies. I acted like a normal person and had a way-more-than-normal fun time.

Because I just had to.

Because I just had to.

Mike photobombed me with his duck face.

Mike photobombed me with his duck face.

Let's dip biscotti in Manhattans!

Let’s dip biscotti in Manhattans!


They see me trollin’.


Sorry, Kat.

Every time I'm on a boat, this has to be done.

Every time I’m on a boat, this has to be done.



We stopped at the Waterway Cafe to pick up one of Kat's friends, drink cava, and eat fish dip. Of course.

We stopped at the Waterway Cafe to pick up one of Kat’s friends, drink cava, and eat fish dip. Of course.

Mixing up French 75 cocktails...

Mixing up French 75 cocktails…

Hey guys look at these cup holders!

Hey guys look at these cup holders!

I received a text in the midst of all these pictures, from Accelerate Your Fitness…I’d gotten off the wait list and had a spot in the 8:30AM Christmas Eve 100-Minute Ride. I responded to tell them they could give my spot to someone else, and then went back to my Manhattan.


And yes I also wore Santa earrings.


Force-feeding Kat more booze-soaked cookies.


Troll feet.

Best selfie ever taken.

Best selfie ever taken.

Like I said, it felt really great to be normal. I woke up the next morning (Christmas Eve) and didn’t work out like a psycho. I did the workout I felt like doing – less than an hour long – and proceeded with another day of my vacation.

Which included Publix Greenwise salad bar for lunch and iced coffee!

Later that night my dad grilled out filets, we had bread from Carrabba’s (epic), and I sipped on a really great new-to-me whiskey I found at the always-epic Total Wine. Then Hannah and I went over to Kat’s in-laws’ house for after-dinner drinks, dessert, and cards!

Thanks for the pic Toby!

Thanks for the pic Toby!

An excellent Christmas Eve Eve and Christmas Eve. Christmas Day started with a 35-minute workout (again, without access to a gym or fitness class of any kind that’s really all I can motivate myself to do…) and continued with iced coffee, Anchorman 2, a drink (sangria!) with my dad at Cabo Flats, and the always awesome TooJay’s takeout for Christmas dinner.

Honestly I feel like I celebrated Christmas from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve and by the time Christmas came around, we were out of presents to open and it felt like any other day (except the movie theater and Toojay’s were WAY more crowded than usual). But that’s okay, because any other day is also a VACATION day when I’m in Florida, and I am loving this vacation!

What did you do for Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day?

Have you ever had the chance to attend a boat party?

Do you visit any places of business on Christmas Day?

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