Five Things Friday: Giterdone.

Just like with last week’s snow day, this week I was SO grateful to have one. Yesterday we got a load of snow dumped on us and that was (for once) fine with me because I was working away getting ALL the things done for my move to Boston. I honestly don’t even know when I would have had time to do it all; I’m picturing late night packing-and-panicking. Last week I spent my snow day apartment-hunting, and that ended up working out great. This week I spent the morning making lots of phone calls, and the afternoon getting a huge load of stuff ready to go with my mom, brother, and me to Boston tomorrow.

Linking up with Clare to share five things I got done!

1. I joined a gym!

Woo hoo, I am so glad this decision has been made! I suspected as soon as I landed my apartment that I’d join Boston Sports Club, because it’s pretty affordable and so close to where I’ll be living. I called them yesterday to ask if they had stair masters (the front desk girl seemed VERY miffed) and after finding out they did, I got on the call with a sales guy. I ended up taking advantage of a promotion to get a year-long contract without the $150 registration fee (such BS anyway) and all of February free since I won’t be starting to go til next weekend. I also did a bit of haggling and got them to start my 10-day moneyback guarantee on the day of my first visit, not the day I joined (yesterday). I’ve gotta be able to break the contract if I don’t like it straight away! Given the class schedule I’ll probably be doing mostly evening classes but maybe I’ll get up for the occasional 6:15AM class. MAYBE.

2. Goodbye, Metlife.

While switching my Metlife car insurance from CT to MA (and spinning my policy off from my parents), my yearly rate jumped by $500. This wasn’t a huge surprise given I got in an accident at the end of 2012, but still, ouch! I was about to assume that I wouldn’t find anything cheaper since I was dealing with a spin-off policy, but luckily Kaitlin advised me to check out Geico. A quick call revealed I could pay less with them on my own policy than I was paying with Metlife under my parents’ policy! Plus signing up with them took about 20 minutes, as opposed to the 1.25 hours it took to even find out that my Metlife insurance was going to go up. So I have gone Geico and turned to the side of the gecko.

3. Parkin’ it.

I found a parking spot 0.5 miles from my apartment, for $100/month. That’s $25 less than the apartment building is offering and I think it’s worth the extra walk to save that much. That’s a couple of cocktails, right?! That reminds me, I forgot to go to the ATM this morning to get the first and last month’s rent for the spot. Dangit! Anyway, this will do for the next couple of months. Once the snow melts and college students start departing I can hopefully switch to resident on-street parking to save some money.

4. Movin’ on out.

I managed to find a moving company that will move all the big stuff (bed, table, chairs, desk, couch, arm chair, dresser, bedside table) for WAY less cost than the competition. AND they have a great Yelp rating! So I’m going with that and my parents are being nice enough to cover the cost of the movers. The help is going to make next Saturday’s “big move” way less stressful.

5. But the therapist thing…

Ugh, that’s not going so great. I really really really don’t want to be the girl who has to leave during work hours every 1 or 2 weeks to go to a therapist. I am having an impossible time finding anyone with 8AM or 5PM, evening, or weekend appointments. But this morning I had my last appointment with my current therapist, and she suggested I expand my search to those who don’t just specialize in EDs. She thinks I”m in a place where I could still get benefits from seeing someone who just specializes in generalized anxiety, maybe also who sees mostly just women. That actually meant a lot to me because it means she thinks I’ve come far in my recovery. She even said that it’s okay if I don’t find a therapist for a few weeks, but a year ago or so that WOULDN’T have been okay. That made me feel better about the lack of progress I’ve made in my search, and I have to agree with her. I’ve been so busy the last couple of weeks that I haven’t had nearly as much time (or mental space!) to worry about food and exercise. Yes I’ve been worrying about it but it’s been easier to push it aside and focus on tasks in front of me.

So that’s where I am, and I’m very proud of all I’ve managed to accomplish in such a short period of time! I want to be able to get settled and find my routine in Boston ASAP and that has really been driving me to push forward and plow (no pun intended, snowbirds) through my to-do list.

Oh, and happy Valentine’s Day? Honestly, the only thing this holiday means to me is that I had to make tonight’s Chops N Catch dinner reservation a few weeks ago, as opposed to the normal one week ago. I’m super psyched for a chill night out with my mom (dad is stuck in Singapore due to the snow here so he can’t come 🙁 ) and an early bedtime to prepare for tomorrow’s trek to Boston. I am so excited to start moving stuff in and get my hands on the keys to MY FIRST REAL PLACE!

Any car insurance horror stories to share?

Have you ever had trouble finding a new therapist/doctor/etc when moving?

Are you celebrating VDay tonight, or just another Friday?

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