The Reformer Reformed: The Studio Empower

I was provided a complimentary class for review purposes. Opinions of the experience are my own.

After mentioning I was looking for a gym in Boston (I’ve since joined Boston Sports Club), I was contacted by The Studio Empower and asked to come in and try out a class. Located in Newton, the studio features the Lagree Fitness method and its tricked-out version of the pilates reformer. Each class is 45 minutes long and entails total body conditioning.


That thing looks intimidating, and it sure scared me at first, but my instructor Mo was so helpful and a very patient guide. The little yellow and red knobs on the machine affect the amount of resistance for each exercise and she was sure to let the class know her suggestions. She corrected my form a few times so that I’d get the most out of each exercise. The class was full and I like how small each one is, because that ensures the instructor can make sure everyone is using proper form and getting the most possible out of the workout.


We really did work total body, and the burning in my legs and glutes reminded me of how I’ve felt previously in barre classes. The upper body work required lots of core stabilization, which is always nice to sneak in there. And the outright core work featured many planks – so I felt right at home!


This move entailed moving my legs forward so that my body was in a pike position. Ouch!

The Studio Empower offers new students the chance to try a single class for $10, but the better option is the $45 three class pass. That way a new student can try a few different instructors and still save money (a drop-in class is $35). Then if someone decides to purchase a class package, he or she will already have knowledge of which instructor(s) are preferred, and will get the most for the money.


The workout was not super intense or cardio-involving, but I liked trying something new and went the day my cold was at its worst, so it just felt good to move without doing a workout that required much heavy breathing. I didn’t experience any soreness after the workout but everyone is different and I think if I had been feeling better, I would have been able to push harder or use more resistance. The Studio Empower is good for someone looking for a low-impact workout and the variety in the class made the time go by at a quick pace. Though I personally would not pay the “sticker price” for these classes, I am grateful I got to experience one and was impressed by the very clean studio, personal instructor experience, and a chance to keep my body guessing.

This move involved sliding the back foot forward and back (going up and down in a lunge) while holding a pole, which meant my shoulders were also working.

This move involved sliding the back foot forward and back (going up and down in a lunge) while holding a pole, which meant my shoulders were also working.

Have you ever tried a reformer fitness class?

Do you prefer group fitness in a gym or studio environment?

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