What-I-Ate-Lately Wednesday

Thank you guys so much for your support and understanding in response to Monday’s post! I feel like I’ll put less pressure on myself to blog when I don’t want to, now that I’ve put everything out in the open. And I’m just happy to know how excited everyone is for me as I continue on this new path in life.

I may have switched locations but my eating habits have not drastically changed...something I’m grateful for! It certainly eases the transition. The biggest difference is the fact that I’m making my own at-home food, as opposed to my mom handling it for me. Other than that I’m still packing salad lunches, eating my staples (bananas, plain Chobani, sugar-free chemical-filled Jello pudding cups, etc), and dining out. This seems to be an appropriate What I Ate Wednesday topic.

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I’ve been having great success with my weekend food prep. The only weeknight I left myself cooking to do I got very stressed out, so I learned a lesson quickly. I have yet to order takeout, which is an accomplishment and one I need to keep up seeing as I still am going out to eat a few nights a week. I’ve learned how quickly different foods cook in my oven, made dishes I’ll repeat and dishes I’m not anxious to eat again, and both followed and created recipes. I’ve also learned that I need to make MORE food each weekend if I’m going to be using it not just for dinners, but lunch salad ingredients as well.

I’ve become a bit of a shameless free food hound too. I had a lunch meeting on Monday and had already packed myself a salad, but there were leftovers and the lunch was from an apparently-excellent deli. So I asked if I could take home some of said leftovers, and proudly walked out of the office with FOUR sandwiches. I ate some of the bread, kept all the fillings, and ended up making a dinner and a lunch out of it. I was SO smug.

And finally, the restaurants! Oh the restaurants. Last Thursday I visited and fell in love with Deep Ellum; I can’t believe a place like this (Caitlin written ALL over it) is walking distance from my apartment. Oh happy day! I owe many thanks to Jane for the recommendation. My coworker Jeannie and I met for dinner and had a foodie-fest with our cheese plate, farmhouse salad, and root beer braised pork belly.

The drink menu was out of this world amazing. I had to make it a two-cocktail evening.

I must admit I ate 75% of this. Sorry Jeannie.

Friday night I hung out with coworkers after work at Tavern in the Square, which is quickly becoming one of my fave area hangout spots. Then Jeannie and I met Greg, Annie, and co for dinner at Sunset Grill & Tap (another local place I’ve gotten recommendations for). I really enjoyed my beer – Dogfish Head 61 Minute IPA – and also felt good about my dinner both from a taste and money standpoint. Instead of a seafood entree priced at around $18, I asked for a blackened swordfish sandwich with lettuce instead of a bun, and black beans on the side. That cost me less than $10, and I feel like I got essentially the same amount of food. Win.

Greg and I at Sunset! Do you all love his cardi? I picked it out!

Greg and I at Sunset! Do you all love his cardi? I picked it out!

I was determined to make up for missing last Saturday night out due to being sick, so I managed to hit FOUR restaurants this past Saturday night. Yes, I’d say I made up for lost time! I got food at two of the spots and drink(s) at all four 😛 It was the latest and longest night I’ve had since Kaitlin’s birthday weekend but I enjoyed every moment.

Champagne, St. Germain, and lemon at Stoddard’s. With a cocktail list like theirs, I’ll be back for sure.

Molly and I at Atlantic Beer Garden! Not my usual kind of spot but fun all the same to be with her :)

Molly and I at Atlantic Beer Garden! Not my usual kind of spot but fun all the same to be with her 🙂

I would have preferred this Smith & Wollensky salad had less bacon and more egg, but damn that bacon was good!

So clearly Sunday and Monday night I was ALL about my dinners in, and damn they were cozy. Last night I worked out in the morning and took advantage of a free afternoon to get all my chores done before going out to Stump Trivia at Tavern in the Square. I’d say it’s safe I like that place seeing as I’ve been three times in a week! The trivia was disappointing though – it went on way too long! I’m sure they just try to drag it out so people will buy more drinks (and it worked for me – oof) but we had a lot of bored moments. At least my dinner – sesame-crusted salmon with a miso glaze, veggies, cauliflower, and baby cabbages – was delicious! Oh, and some of Greg/Kramer’s waffle fries. OMG, I love french fries.

I was so happy when the waitress told me the veggie of the day was a cauliflower-brussels medley!

Tomorrow night I’m working an event as part of my new job, and will even be able to write a blog post for our blog recapping the evening. I’ll be sure to link to it for you guys when it’s done. How awesome that my event recap blogging will now be part of my job, and not just my hobby! Just another pinch-me moment, right? I’m sure there will be plenty of what-I-ate moments for me to capture. But until then, I’m pleased to be staying in tonight with my roasted buffalo tempeh with Gorgonzola crumbles. A self-created DELICIOUS recipe that I’m very proud of! And hopefully I’ll get to sleep early, because I’m going to try out my gym’s 6:15am spin class tomorrow…I think…

Which eats/drinks look best to you?

Have you ever attended a trivia night?

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