Two Marvelous Homes

This past weekend was spent in both of my marvelous homes – Boston and Connecticut. Even before I made my move I knew I’d be coming home for Penelope‘s first birthday party, which was on Saturday (the same day as her actual birthday). So I spent Friday night in Boston and Saturday night in Glastonbury. I told friends in Beantown that I would be “going home” Saturday, but then I told friends in CT that I was going “back home” on Sunday. I haven’t stopped calling Connecticut home, but I’m already calling Boston home too. Who says I can’t have two?

This link up of marvelous is brought to you by Katie!

Marvelous was…a date with a blend. Annie and I have hung out several times in a group setting but we’ve been wanting to get together for a heart to heart for awhile now. Finally, Friday night, we made it happen. She suggested what ended up being a great spot, City Landing. The restaurant was so extremely accommodating for both vegan and gluten-free diets, but also offered plenty for those following no specific diet. Our bartender was so awesome – when we asked her to take a picture of us she took several, did the “above angle”, and positioned our drinks (which were amazing) so that they showed in the photo. I will definitely be making a return visit to City Landing; Annie and I especially want to bring Greg!


Ladies on the town!


I had to take a photo of our ABSURD amount of menus.


Our shared butternut squash pizzetta, complete with vegan cheese!


The bartender made me a custom bourbon drink that I ADORED.


So glad I saved this butternut squash crisp with sage sunflower seed streusel for last because it was basically dessert!

Marvelous was…a return to Scholar’sAfter loving it last weekend I was ready to return and thankfully so was Annie! My friend from back home, Kristen, met us out as well and the three of us chatted as well as were hit on by one of the most obnoxious, rude guys of all time. I enjoyed sparkling rose as well as a fantastic cocktail called the Dew North (Tullamore Dew, Benedictine, lemon, ginger beer, Luxardo – on the rocks). Annie got a drink that I LOVED and must get the next time I go, the Dead Poet (Hendrick’s Gin, dry vermouth, St. Germain, Bittermen’s Hopped Grapefruit Bitters). Unfortunately by the time the dancing really got going, the three of us grandma-ed out and headed home. Thankfully I had Annie as my traveling buddy so we motivated each other to take the T home instead of a cab. Good thing because between all my beverages, it was a pricey night.

Our second round of drinks – all the same hue!

Me and Kristen!

Me and Kristen!

Marvelous was…Danielle’s spin class. I came home after Scholar’s and decided to eat some leftover pizza. I ate more of it than I was okay with, and felt pretty crappy about that plus the cocktails and carbs I ate at dinner…even though I never at any point got too full. It’s so hard to be hungry or just snacky when I come home after late nights out and I’m trying not to deprive myself and to just roll with my cravings, but even if I don’t physically feel like I ate too much, I still feel mentally crappy about it. Danielle’s spin class was just what I needed Saturday morning. I zoned out, fed off her energy, and was even motivated for some post-class abs.

Marvelous was…getting my hair did. I was long overdue for a haircut and partial highlights, and since I was already going to be home I made an appointment with my go-to hairdresser Jen (K&S Hair Affair, Vernon Rockville, CT). She’s been doing my hair since I moved to CT in 2001! So she always gives me a little bonus at the end of my appointments, and seeing as I’ve gotten more blow-outs done since I moved to Boston than I ever did as a CT resident (okay I’ve only had two but that’s still more than the one back there), I continued that trend.

Marvelous was…Penelope’s first birthday party. Not only did I get to see so many people I love and care about, but I felt proud of myself for not focusing much on the food or myself. Yes I adored all I ate/drank but I didn’t let it rule my thoughts. I thought more about the company I kept!


Oh what a spread!


Kat made amazing quiche and Get Baked provided awesome scones!


Kat did a great job making goodie bags for the kid attendees and her sister Helen’s artwork was the perfect tea party themed decor.


I had one of Emily‘s Cadbury Egg Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches…and it was everything it sounds like it’d be. AKA everything.


Penelope and her daddy matched!


Penelope had a GREAT time opening her presents. And I mean opening them…she didn’t care about the present part.

She may be a bit spoiled!


Nora Cupcake made Penelope and her cousin some awesome jumbo cupcake smash-cakes!

I just adore this lady 🙂

Marvelous was…UConn winning! I still can’t believe UConn is playing in tonight’s championship game and though I honestly don’t much follow my alma mater in sports (oops) I’m definitely rooting for them! I met Kim at Rooftop 120 after Penelope’s party and we caught the second half and then had a snack/beer at Plan B afterward. I also got to see Kim’s boyfriend Will, and he is so sweet, so that was a treat. #rhyme


Tyler took great care of me, as usual!


I may or may not have been overdressed for basketball watching.

Marvelous is…my awesome mom. She sent me back to Boston on Sunday with so many delicious frozen food items, fresh groceries, and a big hug. Plus she was totally there for me when I texted her yesterday evening feeling pretty down on myself. I won’t elaborate except…I hate pants.

Marvelous was…catching up with KaitlinWhenever we have a phone chat it makes my day brighter. I miss her a lot but it’s good to know we are doing such a great job at keeping in touch, despite the fact that I moved farther away.

Marvelous was…a Sunday dinner at my beloved Deep EllumI met Jon of ENERGYbits outside my apartment (we basically live next to each other) and we strolled over there for an awesome meal. We both had salads with seared tuna and mine was just what i was craving. It was our first in-person meeting and he’d been trying to pin me down for awhile but of course I’m always either busy or trying to stay sane by staying in. I’m glad we finally were able to get together and definitely had plenty to chat about. Plus I got to introduce him to a restaurant I love! I always love that.

My tuna salad nicoise was just the healthy meal I wanted!

It was a nice weekend at both of my homes, but I’m happy about the fact that I don’t have visits back to Glastonbury planned for awhile now. I’ve got a lot of weekend events I’ll be working coming down the pike now that it’s (finally) warming up. Plus I just am over driving back and forth between Boston and CT. My mom is coming to visit me next weekend, so that’ll be so much fun – I can’t wait to show her my life here!

What was the most marvelous part of your weekend?

Have you ever attended a first birthday party?

How many places do you call “home”?

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