From Left to Write Book Club: The Opposite of Maybe

I received a complimentary copy of “The Opposite of Maybe”. All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.

I struggled with inspiration to write a post for this From Left to Write Book Club selection, Maddie Dawson‘s The Opposite of Maybe. This virtual book club is about blogging on any subject the books inspire in its members, not just blogging a review of the book. And it’s not that I didn’t enjoy it; in fact, I quite liked it. I’m just not sure what more to say.

I thought about writing about how frustrated I was with the main character Rosie’s inability to see what a childish, selfish person her “boyfriend”/baby daddy Jonathan was. But then I remembered that I’ve been in a relationship in which it took me a very long time to realize that a) we weren’t right for each other and b) that wouldn’t change. It’s really always easy to see from the outside perspective.

I thought about writing about my grandfather’s death from Alzheimer’s, and relating losing him to Rosie’s journey with her grandmother. But her grandmother in the book is a grumpy and bitter lady, while my grandpa was a happy man who called me “chief” and “captain”.

I also considered writing about how I thought that the reason Rosie and Jonathan would break up at the start of the book would be because he was secretly having an affair with another man, because it just really seemed like that’s where the story was going (and I know Kelly agreed with me on this).

But none of these topics inspire me enough for a whole post. So instead I’m going to just say that I enjoyed this book, and if you’re looking for fun and light reading, I’d recommend it. If you prefer more serious/philosophical fiction, don’t pick this one up.

You can visit From Left to Write’s The Opposite of Maybe book club page to read some posts that are eons more coherent/useful than this one, and if you have faith that you can call upon inspiration more readily than I, consider joining the book club too. I swear, this writer’s block doesn’t always happen when it comes to my book club posts!

Do you ever find yourself faced with lack of inspiration for a blog post you’d already committed to doing?

What’s the best book you’ve read lately? 

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