Newport for July 4th!

OK, sitting down to write this post because if I don’t, too much time will pass since last weekend and I’d really like to share the fun I had in Newport for July 4th! Anyone who has been reading my blog for a little while knows that Newport is one of my favorite places in the world. I make sure to go at least once per summer! You can check out past posts here:

Thursday 7/3

I ended up going to Newport a day early, Thursday late afternoon instead of Friday morning. Boston was essentially empty Thursday night, plus I wanted to beat Hurricane Arthur since he was scheduled to visit come Friday. Thankfully I have some great family friends in the form of the Cunninghams. They let me crash in their family’s Newport house Thursday night, and the ride there wasn’t even too awful – only half an hour longer than usual (due to predicted holiday weekend traffic). All I can say is I am glad I wasn’t going to the Cape!

Hit the road with fresh 4th of July nails!

I almost didn’t go to Newport a day early despite my opportunity to do so, because I was concerned I’d end up going out to eat, eat dessert, have an extra drink or two, or any combination of the above. Thanks to the support of great friends and my family, I realized that was silly, so I took advantage and even hit up a new-to-me restaurant once I arrived. I was hangry and also hankering for a bourbon cocktail after that drive! No one else in the group really wanted to go out so I visited the bar at Malt by myself, and am so glad I did so. I made friends with both locals and visitors; seriously, sit at the bar alone anywhere and you will never even need a book to keep you occupied.

Bourbon, benedictine, walnut bitters cocktail with fresh Caprese salad and unpictured all the bread.

We had dinner in – BBQ pulled pork! – followed by several magic bars. One of the family members staying at the house was actually a 90+ Cellars fan so that was pretty cool! After going back to Malt for one more drink, I hit the hay.

Friday 7/4

Didn’t sleep very well but a three miler in the rain the next (July 4th) morning, which ended at my fave coffee spot in town The Coffee Grinder, made me feel much better.

Running in the rain may be my new favorite thing.

As did brunch at one of my fave breakfast/lunch spots in Newport, Keenwah Superfood Eatery. My friend Lauren joined me and my BBQ tempeh salad was HEAVEN! I continued to feel better throughout the day thanks to my healthy start.

Not exactly red white and blue pancakes but damn was this good.

And then it was time to drink WINE! I love the Newport Vineyards and the Cunninghams had never been, so we went and enjoyed a tasting and then some. American wine on July 4th – how fitting!

Mr. Cunningham aka GENO and I!

I met up with the fam (FINALLY 😀 I’m obsessed with my family as regular readers know), but our timeshare was not ready. Unfortunately the timeshare facility was very behind on cleaning the rooms because several staff members called out for the 4th. So Hannah, Nana Connie, and I killed time at a bar before dinner. I was so so so happy to see them! We had dinner at Midtown Oyster Bar (no pics but I highly recommend) and I actually ended up heading back there after dinner with Hannah and the Cunningham girls Lauren and Abbey.

Nana C and I – so patriotic, yaaaas?

Hannah, Lauren, Abbey, me. (Sorry Michael, you can’t come with us.)

Saturday 7/5

I had a good time but got tired REAL fast – not fast enough to avoid eating ice cream and many chips when I got home. That left me feeling pretty down on myself when I woke up, even after taking another run. I perked up just in time for lunch though and thankfully Hannah and Nana Connie were up for joining me outside at The Landing for just that. I know that I get a lot of anxiety over going out to eat, but once I get there I ALWAYS feel better because I just love the restaurant experience.

No pants no problem.

Scallops appetizer + sparkling rose, plus unpictured beet salad.

I did some VERY productive shopping after lunch, had some down time by a beach bar listening to music, and then it was time to meet up with my favorite RI blogger Sarah! I suggested we visit Forty 1 North because it was SO KARDASHIAN (judge me if you wish) and I just wanted to be there and feel fabulous.


Alas with tax and tip it costs $20 to feel fabulous.

Ahhh. My heaven.

Ahhh. My heaven. That bar on the back right is where we ended up sitting!

I always love seeing Sarah and we both marveled at how far we have both come since our last Newport summer heart-to-heart. She ventured outside her comfort zone and ordered a cocktail, and I was already two drinks in prior to meeting up with her and wasn’t having a panic attack over it. Go us!


After catching up the family and I went to dinner at a new spot, Willy’s. I loved the location’s previous restaurant Asterisk, and found out that it was owned by the same people, but the concept had been completely re-done. Now it’s one of those burger bar style places, but Newport actually didn’t have one at all, so it was pretty smart! I knew it was a place the whole family could enjoy.

We loved the outdoor seating!

We loved the outdoor seating!

Me and my lovely Nana at dinner.

Me and my lovely Nana at dinner.

Dinner was pretty good but the service was a bit off. Willy’s is still a new concept though so I’m sure they’ll find their groove. I just don’t know if it’s at the top of my to-return list, with so many other places in Newport that I just LOVE! We went to our favorite dancing spot, The Deck, to watch the Newport fireworks (a day late thanks to Arthur) and dance it up. The music was slow to start but once it got going my family, the Cunninghams, and I had a blast.


Mom and I on the dance floor!


The beautiful Lauren and I!

Mom breaks it down, of course.

Mom breaks it down, of course.

After dancing I hopped into Cold Fusion Gelato and got myself a couple of scoops in a waffle bowl. Because waffle cones or bowls make everything amazing. This wasn’t as good as the prior evening’s Ben & Jerry’s but it hit the spot, along with some more chips.

I once again felt guilty about eating the ice cream and chips, along with the day’s beverages and the french fries I munched on at dinner. But honestly, I gave myself some reality checking and got over it quicker than I had the night before. I made healthy choices at each meal, had been fitting in exercise, and a vacation in Newport without a couple of ice creams is like a crime in itself. I truly enjoyed everything I ate and drank, and that’s okay. I’m allowed to enjoy what I eat on vacation, be it a seafood salad or gelato. Most importantly, what I eat and drink pales in comparison to the importance of spending such great times with family and good friends.

This post took forever to write and my description of the trip isn’t even halfway done so it looks like this will be a two parter blog post. I hope to get the second one up this week! So until next time…

How did you spend the 4th of July weekend?

Which of my eats/drinks look best to you?

Have you ever been to Newport, RI?

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