Fall TV: What I’ll Be Watching

I sat down to write this post yesterday afternoon (while chatting with Annie at Refuge Cafe!) and had no idea what to write…I just know I wanted to get a post drafted because I have a buuuuusy week ahead. I know there’s always Marvelous In My Monday but to be honest, I didn’t feel that marvelous this weekend and I don’t feel like using a post to convince myself why I should feel marvelous. Just not feelin’ that right now.

So instead I’m going to feed off my current excitement over the shows I caught up with over the weekend, and share what’s on my fall TV schedule. Most are shows I’ve been watching since they premiered, but there is one newbie that hooked me from episode one (and from what I hear, some of you guys too). And let’s use the term “schedule” very loosely, because I don’t watch ANY of these shows when they are scheduled to air. Thank goodness for On Demand – no DVR required!

This is my newbie show and oh Shonda, you’ve done it again. Viola Davis is sooo good in this role and I like how the show is structured around a couple of overarching mysteries, but with smaller trials happening in each episode. Reminds me of Veronica Mars!

Sticking with the Shonda Rhimes vibe (but no, I don’t watch Scandal…yet), let’s move on to a show I’ve been watching SINCE I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL. I have never stuck with a show from its premier to its final episode but I’m thinking Grey’s will be my first cradle-to-grave occurrence. I’m also hoping the grave is dug this season because I really think that it’s time for this show to end. Barely any of the original cast remains and while I still watch, I really feel like the show is limping along. ABC won’t even throw enough money for believable special effects behind it! Did you SEE that helicopter scene in this season’s premier?

One of the things I miss most about living at home is watching TV shows with my parents, and Revenge tops the list. My mom and I would save up the episodes and watch them together when my dad went out of town and ah, it was sooo fun to watch with her! She gets so aghast when anything scandalous happens and it’s so hilarious. I still love the show but definitely feel a bit lonely/homesick whenever I watch it because I wish I was watching it with Mom! I adore everything Emily Thorn (Amanda Clarke?) wears and of course Nolan as well (but I’d look better in Emily’s clothes than his I think). I’m just a bit concerned that apparently her father is alive now?! I feel like a show built around her getting revenge for his death definitely jumped the shark by bringing him back from the dead. I miss Conrad too – why can’t we bring HIM back from the dead? And finally…does watching Revenge drive anyone else to drink? I cannot get through an episode without craving brown liquor or red wine – two things that are definitely NOT out of sight throughout each episode.

Those who don’t watch Nashville won’t get the photo above but those who do watch will get that IT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER. I am holding out for moooooore Gunnar and Scarlett duets this season please, and also hoping that stupid Zooey will go the heck away. It’s interesting too that Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy will be incorporated into the show, and also can Deacon please talk to me for hours? I love his draw. Again if you don’t watch you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about or who the people above are, so I don’t blame you if you skipped this paragraph.

I just love that Danny and Mindy are together now and really hope we get at least a full season before they inevitably break up (because come on, this is television) because I enjoy them as a couple! Some couples are a let-down after all the “will they or won’t they”. I felt that way about Jim and Pam from The Office. But Mindy Kahling is just kickass and hilarious so I shouldn’t be surprised that a show of hers would handle the new coupling well.

I almost forgot to include Homeland because it didn’t premier until last night! But I’m really excited to see where they take the show given the event’s of last season’s finale (which I won’t spoil since I know a good amount of people out there who have this show on their to-watch list). Also, how cool is that poster? Major creativity points to that marketing team. Now I just need to figure out how to actually watch this season since I no longer have access to Showtime.

So now that fall TV has begun, who the heck knows when you’ll find me watching Breaking Bad again. I’m still stuck in season 5. But I may have to put the pedal to the metal on that one soon since I recently found out I will be attending December’s Connecticut Forum panel on Today’s Great TV – which includes Vince Gilligan (the show’s creator) as a panelist! I can thank Kat for that one!

Do you watch any of these shows? Are any of them on your to-watch-eventually list?

Have any new shows peaked your interest this season? 

Do/did you watch any shows you stick/stuck with from “cradle to grave”?


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