Fitness Friday: Injury Update

I mentioned in Monday’s post that on Tuesday I would be finally headed to an initial assessment with a physical therapist to solve my right IT band “woes”. Thankfully since I go to Harvard Vanguard (big ups to all of you who recommended that as a doctor’s office back when I moved here and asked for recs) it was so easy to get a referral. That place literally has EVERY medical need under one roof, so I just called my PCP and was able to get a referral for their physical therapy services without even being seen first. Hurrah efficiency! AAAAAND Harvard Vanguard is in my insurance network, so PT with them is SO much more affordable than options I’d previously considered.

The first appointment was both informative and reassuring. The therapist said the problem isn’t actually my IT band, but a connecting muscle at my knee that often gets blamed for IT band problems. Now I don’t remember what the name of it is, but the casual name is “runner’s knee”. The PT said it’s a super common problem and we can totally fix it with some exercises that strengthen my hips. He said that I need to get more of that pull and push forward movement in my running that I use when I spin, so that I can propel myself forward that way, which will be easier on my knees.

My “prescription” is as follows: daily hip-strengthening exercises, weekly 30 minute PT appointments scheduled out for the next month, and (at least for the next week) continuing to take it easier at the gym. No running, no StairMaster (boo!), and no weighted squats.

Yeah, I’m not happy about that. I’ll be honest, I took a bootcamp class last night that involved weighted squats…and I did them. I did them with a lower weight on the bar than I normally would, but I still know I need to be really careful if I want to get this runner’s knee fixed sooner rather than later. I just felt so guilty not putting my all into the class! During the plyo lunges I just did normal lunges, and it felt so lame. I need to try to pat myself in the back and say “good job Caitlin!” for following the PT’s instructions…rather than kicking myself for following his instructions over those of that voice in my head. Here’s hoping that if I stick to the daily exercises and do better about sticking to the PT’s plan, I will be cleared to at least do the stairs again after my first follow-up appointment!

Have you ever blamed an injury on something when it ended up being another issue altogether?

Has PT ever fixed an injury for you?

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