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Sweat and Food

Please take a moment to vote for me (up to 10 times…a day…) in round one of the Hartford Courant 2012 Websters for CT’s Best Blogs! I’m nominated for Best Overall Blog, Best Health Blog, Best Food Blog, and Best Social Media Account! Thank you to those who nominated me, and voting for round one closes this Friday 3/30 at 11:59PM EST.

I’m glad that so many of you seemed to enjoy yesterday’s post about my appreciation for the friendships my blog has brought me! Sounds like a lot of you can relate – and that’s a great thing!

My makeshift home yoga "area"…computer booting up to play P90X Yoga this morn! My #PROOF.

I feel like it’s been forever since I just wrote about what was on my mind (instead of recapping the latest and greatest restaurants and events). I love doing that, but I also find it really therapeutic and cleansing, cheesy as that sounds, to just write whatever is on my mind! And based off of comments and feedback from my readers, it seems those posts are often enjoyed MORE than the ones where I share my delectable eats. Perhaps I’m giving you guys too much food porn? Do I need to take it away for awhile? 😉 OBVIOUSLY I’m kidding.

Typical healthy eats food porn…some may drool, some may wrinkle their noses.

I had a great workout yesterday. I have to share it with you guys! I did an hour-long spin class that totally kicked my butt and had me pouring sweat. I just LOVE how sweating makes me feel. It’s more refreshing than jumping into a pool on a hot day. Downside of sweating, just like getting out of a pool sometimes – I was FREEZING after that spin class. Complete icicle. Even 20 minutes of arm-breaking (don’t worry, not literally) weights after the class couldn’t warm me up. Once I got home I realized why – my sports bra, AKA undergarment completely 100% in contact with my skin, was totally drenched through. I don’t remember the last time it was like that after a workout. I TOLD you I sweated like a mad woman!

I came home and after a refreshing, HOT shower, I went upstairs to see what was for dinner. I was craving CARBS like a mad lady. No surprise after 1.5 hours at the gym! Thank goodness, my mom had heated up the last of our free Dr. Oetker’s Organic Veggie Frozen Pizzas that I received through a BzzAgent campaign, thanks to a coupon. She added garlic and leftover steamed broccoli to the pie, and heated it in the oven on a pizza stone. Perfection! After a few more minutes under the broiler, and with a pile of black beans for protein, this really hit the spot.

I also had half of a turkey burger, and later sampled some of my new Love Grown Foods granola (review/giveaway to come once I’ve tried every flavor!) with 0% plain Greek yogurt. I had it while reading the first 18 pages of my latest library find, “The Summer Without Men” by Siri (lol) Hustvedt. I already LOVE this book and am already gonna say that I recommend it to all of you , even though I’m 18 pages in.

I will leave you with this hilarious gem…someone playing a prank on my cubicle neighbor at work!

Do you ever get really cold after a workout, because of how much you sweat?

What did you have for dinner last night?

Have you ever read the book above, or any of Siri’s other books?

Maybe it’s Maybelline – Giveaway!

Have you heard of Bzz Agent? It’s a super-cool site for super-cool marketing nerds like me who enjoy getting the inside scoop on and testing out new products. If you sign up and fill out a profile, eventually you will receive occasional emails inviting you to participate in Bzz Campaigns. If you’re interested in reading more about Bzz Agent in action, some interesting articles have been written!

Image courtesy of BzzAgent.com

I was invited to participate in the Maybelline Baby Lips & Lots of Lashes campaign about a month ago, and was sent some products to test out! Bzz Agent also included a BzzGuide about the product – they like to keep their agents educated 🙂 I also realized that this campaign has just five days left, and I definitely haven’t done enough bzzing. I’m here to correct that!

I’m sure many of you recognize the classic pink and green Great Lash mascara. It’s been America’s #1 mascara formula for quite awhile, but now it’s been pumped up to create lots of lashes – even if you don’t have any! This Great Lash variation hit stores in September. Here are some more facts:

  • Easily reaches the inner and outer corners of the eye
  • Builds your lash look with no clumps
  • Available in three washable shades
  • Available at mass retailers for $6.40

The Baby Lips Repairing Lip Balm has SPF 20 and comes in a variety of colors (or lack there-of for those who want a clear balm) and flavors. The product came out in stores in October, and is made with shea butter, one of my favorite beauty product ingredients.

  • Renews lips to their natural condition in four weeks
  • Combines eight hours of hydration with an optional color tint
  • Available in 2 clear varieties (Quenched and Peppermint) and 4 tinted varieties (Cherry Me, Pink Punch, Grape Vine and Peach Kiss)
  • Clinically proven to provide comfort and relief to stressed, dry skin
  • Protects against damage from harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Available at mass retailers for $3.99

GIVEAWAY! Ends Sunday 12/18!

I want to share the Maybelline love with my readers, so I am giving away three pairings, each containing a Baby Lips balm and a tube of Great Lash Lots of Lashes mascara. To enter, please leave a comment telling me your current mascara and lip balm brands of choice (required entry). Don’t worry, if you don’t say Maybelline, it won’t count against you! And if you do say Maybelline, it unfortunately won’t put you ahead 😉 I genuinely just want to know! I will use a random number generator to pick three winners!

For additional entries (please leave a separate comment for each or it won’t count!) you can:

  • Like Cait Plus Ate on Facebook
  • Like Maybelline New York on Facebook
  • Follow CaitPlusAte on Twitter
  • Follow Maybelline on Twitter
  • Subscribe to this blog
  • Tweet “I just entered to win @Maybelline mascara and lip balm from @CaitPlusAte the #bzzagent!”

That’s seven ways to enter – remember, the comment about your brands of choice is the only required way. If you only leave one comment, even if you do all seven entry options, you only get one entry. So comment separately!  Good luck guys! You have until Sunday, 12/18 at 11:59PM EST to enter! US Residents only please – sorry!